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Welcome to Analogue Automotive

If you’ve found us then you probably have an interest in all things Lotus and, or, Porsche. And that’s a good thing, because so do we! Although often compared and contrasted, the Lotus and Porsche brands stand for some of the finest sports and racing cars ever built, and we’ve been big fans of both, for as long as we can remember.

For us these cars have a unique standing in the world.

Analogue Automotive was started with just that focus in mind. We wanted to create a place where your car isn’t just another job to be done. Every car that comes through our doors is special to us, regardless of its age, model or condition. At Analogue Automotive, until you get your car back, we treat it like our own!

We are now also proud to announce that we have been appointed the UK's first service agent for Zenos Cars!

Share your passion with us.


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Please click on the brand above for car servicing prices and scroll down for our other services. If you can't find what you're looking for please contact us.

Phone: 01730 892220

Official Specialist for Zenos Cars



Insurance/Body Repair Work

Sometimes things go wrong. It could be diesel on the road, running out of talent, wearing shorts and flip flops or someone else not noticing your tiny little car, despite having the headlights on and being ‘Isotope Green’.

Should the worst happen we’re here to help! We work with specialist claims handlers to represent and support you through the whole claim process, in order to get your pride and joy back on the road, and in one piece, as quickly and painlessly as possible.

This service is both free and brand agnostic. We can’t make it any easier!


Geometry & Suspension Set-ups

Our geometry set up process starts off with inspecting all the suspension components*. We are then able to adjust your ride height, should you wish, and should your current suspension set up allow. This is followed by changing your camber angles. We recommend a hint of negative camber, but will adjust the car according to your preferences and suspension limitations. We then adjust the alignment to match and finish with a full road test, to ensure our settings are optimal.

As part of this process can we also have your wheels balanced, first, at a small additional cost.



Don't want to leave your pride and joy outside, no matter what the season? Planning on going away or SORNing the car for a while?

There is an alternative. We offer a full storage service, with your car as protected as it would be at home. If you were keeping it in your lounge!Cars are stored in beautiful covers, with the battery either disconnected or on a conditioner*. Each car is checked, started and run on a regular basis, with all fluids maintained and kept at optimum levels.* service levels dependant on options chosen.



Yep, your car is now at least three years old and you need that annual technical tick. We can take care of that for you, as part of a service, or independently. And only for £45. Please note our free pick-up and delivery service is not available for MOT-only work.


Air Conditioning Recharge

Ah, you’re an Elise S2/3, Exige, Evora or Porsche owner. And you like your little luxuries. Sure, you might not actually use it all that much, but every once in a while your A/C needs a recharge. Let us sort that for you, for only £75. Combine it with a service or MOT and we’ll throw in our free pick-up and delivery service (GU postal code area only) too!



Had your car long? Fancy looking at something a little different for a while? Or is it not fast enough, and needs racing stripes?

Analogue Automotive offers a full vinyl service that lets you choose the new look, colour and design of your car. Any vinyl applied can be removed (subject to age) to return your car to its original look, or if you feel like another change. Check out our photos for some examples of our work.

And don’t forget, if you have an Analogue Automotive loyalty card then you get an extra 10% off all labour costs.


Workshop to Showroom

Cars for Sale

All our cars for sale are listed on Pistonheads


Zenos E10S


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Lotus Elise 111S


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Porsche Boxster 2.5


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For more information or to book a viewing please phone us directly on 01730 892220.

Full Sales Service

Why Sell Through Us?

Put simply, we’ll do it all for you! No worrying about writing the advertisement, or where to place it. We’ll even help you find the right price for your car, to make sure you get the most you can. And then we’ll do the selling part too, including the negotiations, test drives and making the tea.

We just make it easy.

What’s involved? Three things really:

1. We’ll review pricing with you, write the ad and take the pictures. We’ll then put it up for sale.

2. We’ll prepare your car, so it looks its best, and take enquiries. People can come view it at our showroom, where it will be fully insured while it’s with us, and when it’s being driven.

3. We add on a three month warranty to every car sold, at no extra cost, so potential buyers can feel just that little bit more comfortable, than if they were buying privately. The warranty, of course, comes with terms and conditions, but we’ll discuss that with the buyer.

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It's All About Attention To Detail

Find Us

You can find us in southern Hampshire, near the lovely market town of Petersfield. We're within range of some of the best roads in the south, so driving down will always be a pleasure. But, if you don't fancy the drive remember we offer a free pick-up and delivery service, as well as a courtesy car.

We Treat Your Car Like Our Own

For all your Porsche, Lotus or Zenos servicing needs please contact us using the form below, or, phone us directly on 01730 892220, or email us on



Premium Service and Care