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A month of Porsche and Lotus - Analogue Automotive Analogue Automotive

A month of Porsche and Lotus

Yes, yes, yes, I know we said this blogging thing was going to be a regular occurrence. You know, weekly or what not. Well, when we got back from a few days off at the end of August it got busy. Real busy. Real quick. So, sorry. Work comes first.

Still, I know some of you have been off, driving up and down hills in countries where they speak foreign. So for them, and the rest of you too busy to constantly follow us on Facebook or Twitter, here’s a little round up of things that have happened.

We started the month off very nicely, supporting the lovely folks at Lotus on Track, as they held their Goodwood track day. Now, lots of people comment on this, saying it’s a nice little day out for us, but the truth is that it’s work. We’re lucky if we get to go out on the actual track, as most of the time we’re sorting out oil pressures, bald tires and brake pads. So, no. Not glamorous.

Track day work is a stable bit of bread and butter for us, as no sooner than we were back from Goodwood, having sorted out brake pads, oil pressures and tires, we were working on brake pads, oil pressures and tires. In the workshop. Yep, glamour all the way.

Of course it’s not all Lotus here at Analogue. We’re big into Porsches too, as you know. It was a pleasure to work on this 997 S, she’s obviously been very well looked after, which, of course, only makes our job easier.

It’s amazing what they’ll pack an engine bay with these days. As if a big ‘ole V8 wasn’t enough they then cover her up with mountains and mountains of plastic cladding. Apparently, as the owner of the car you’re no longer allowed to see the engine you bought. Doesn’t seem right. Lovely motor though.

The 9th of September brought us something special. We don’t often get these in, so it was a real treat to poke around in, what I must say, is one of my all time favourite Lotuseseses.

What a snout! And people have been know to say that about us. We’ve always been Audi fans (you may remember my white S3..) and we do like this.. Something tells me this won’t be one of the cars affected by #dieselgate.

And then back to something more yellow. You’d be surprised (probably not) by the lack of yellow Porsches that come in, but yellow Loti? Seems like we get one every day. This one, being an RGB though, is a little bit special.

Now, if you’re local to us (Petersfield), and you own a Porsche, you might find one of these on your windshield one day. Don’t be alarmed. They are harmless. But, if we do say so ourselves, rather spiffy. What do you think?

One of our favourite jobs, well, one of my favourite jobs (Liss definitely isn’t keen on this one), is doing geometry set ups. And that job is only made better when I get to do it after installing some of Nitron‘s finest. Honestly, I know we go on about these all the time, but we do that for a reason. They really are that good. If you’d like to try them out sometime just give us a call.

And sometimes you just have to end on something colourful.

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