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Bloody foreigners! - Analogue Automotive Analogue Automotive

Bloody foreigners!

So what happened to the weekly blog thing? It’s the end of August and it’s been a month since the last one? Well, shit got busy. It seems August is the time for Lotuses to come out and play because it’s been damn quiet on the Porsche front..

Bloody foreigners, hey? Bit of a controversial title, some might say. Bit ironic too, others might quip. Well, it’s obviously tongue in cheek, but wholly relevant to whats been going on.. You see, not only has August been laden with Lotuses, but there’s been a very strong international connection. Want to know more? Keep reading..

Let’s quickly recap where we left off, last time.. We had the Zenos E10 S in for a few weeks for customer test drives.. and that went done very well, very well indeed!

We start off our international Lotus themed blog with this gorgeous white S2 Exige. Well known to us, Ben and his Exige were off on their annual European toad, eh, road trip. Except Ben had one little problem. Europe, unlike the UK, is hot in the summer and Ben’s AC wasn’t quite working. We were dreading the worst, and it turned out to be the worst. We hate fixing Lotus AC pipes. Actually hate isn’t strong enough a word.

Next up – another S2 Exige. And another pre-road-trip fix. It would be unfair to say this Exige dropped her gearbox on track, as it was more of a subtle, but sustained, power loss. Anyway, much sourcing, elbow grease and cursing later, she had a lovely, shiny, new ‘box.

The middle of August saw the annual Lotus Festival taking place at Brands Hatch. Strictly in line with our international theme? Sure, if you count the number of European Lotuses that turned up…

And then the big one. This was quite a job. And not just for us. This S2 Elise Sports Racer came all the way from Switzerland for a tasty, tasty, little upgrade! ‘Twas a pleasure to have her in, and we hope Barry’s happy as, eh, Larry.

And that was our summer! Oh yeah, we managed to get away with the family for a few days, which was nice too. But it’s always good to be back!

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