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Sports car, sports car, off-roader and sports car, sort of

Yeah yeah, busy busy, we get it. Actually, it’s been a very varied week, must be the build up to August, when it seems many of you are either going on holiday and leaving your cars with us, or going on some sort of driving adventure and getting us to sort your cars before you go. Those of you heading off for fun, drive safe, but most of all enjoy!

The week kicked off with a nice simple MOT and service for an S2 Elise – K-series. Nothing major to report, but it wasn’t the only black S2 in this week. Check Facebook next week for the update on that.



We did a little sales push on Tuesday for a very cheap Porsche Boxster. Don’t want to toot our own horn and all that, but it worked and she’s now sold.



On Wednesday we lamented the pitfalls of Lotus Elise ownership, in particular the annoyance of rattles. TADTS, for sure, but that doesn’t make it any less irritating for those with a low tolerance threshold, such as us. Still, this one turned out to be an easy fix.. check your exhaust heat-shields, people!



We’ll skip Thursday, as it’s just us trying to sell you THE AWESOMEST TOW CAR in the world.  No further comment needed, really.



Friday was slightly different – we had one of the Club Le Mons drivers in with their £2,500 sports car. Apparently it needed a new condenser as the AC wasn’t working. AC not working on a 20 year old Japanese import? Why sir, however is that possible?

Anyway, we stuck the new (old, used, second hand) AC rad in and low and behold, to everyone’s surprise, the AC now works. Pretty sure that’s upped the value of the car by, well, double.. she must be worth at least £600 now.



Oh and we’ve not had nearly enough emails about last week’s dodgy German TV cop show! Remember, the one with the Porsche 917 being chased by a BMW M1! How awesome is that! Email us at info@analogueautomotive.co.uk and tell us. Subject line – German TV Cop Shows Are Awesome. That’ll freak Liss out.

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Oh, yeah, about the Zenos E10S that was supposed to be with us on Saturday. Well, it’s looking like Monday now. We’ll keep you updated, but if you wanted a test drive let us know asap please.