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Catch up on the latest from Analogue, as we head into spring! Analogue Automotive

Spring has Nitroned

Well, we were going to say Spring has Sprung (as of yesterday), but that would have been a bit cliched! Either way, we’re pleased to announce that it’s now officially Lotus/Zenos/convertible season!

As for us, well, yes, we’ve been quiet the last few months. Mostly keeping our heads down, getting some winter work down, polishing the cars in storage (record year), sorting out workshopy bits and, of course, working on a lovely variety of cars.

Here’s a little round up of what happened..

We kicked the year off with a Lotus Exige 260 Cup in, for some new shoes and a clutch.. if we had one it would need new rear tyres and a new clutch every week!

One of our favourite jobs, a little heart transplant..

We had our first Zenos E10 in for servicing.. a milestone!

And then we sourced something very, very special. As you can imagine, the phone went nuts!

Now we appreciate that sometimes bling is just bling, but in this case not only is it bling, it’s awesome and functional too!

We did a little (actually quite a lot) of Porsche work too, including a service and MOT on this absolutely mint 3.2.

Can you honestly say you’ve seen one like this before? All ready for the track!

And what better way to end? Nitrons!

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