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Well, that was unexpected - Analogue Automotive Analogue Automotive

Well, that was unexpected

As the title may suggest to those of you who are awake, this month has been a bit of a surprise. You see, normally, around this time of the year, all things Lotusy start to get a bit quiet, as many of you put your toys away for the winter.

In fact, we have a quite a few of them in storage. (That said we recently expanded our storage space, so there is a little more room this year, if you worry you might be too late to the party.. drop us an email).

As the number of Lotus jobs go down, the number of Porsche jobs go up. We like to think of it as the Ying and Yang of the Analogue year. Obviously many Porsche owners see their cars as more than just superb sporting machines and take full advantage of the weather protection and comfort the German engineering provides. Weather protection and comfort are not usually associated with the S1. Or most S2s. Or anything from and in Norfolk.

Anyway, as alluded to, this month hasn’t followed recent trends. While the number of Porsches has indeed increased, the number of Lotusessesesses in hasn’t really dropped off. Either the weather has been too mild, which could be a factor, or you guys are just getting more and more manly. Even you S2 owners. Good job!

Let’s kick off our overview with the Porsches.

One of the last cars of the summer (if late September still counts) was a very shiny Boxster. She was having a few minor technical issues, which do start to happen at that age, despite the aforementioned German engineering (note the comments). What struck us most about her, of course, was the number plate. Liss had many laughs. We still don’t get it.

From one Boxster to another.. although maybe we should have made more of a point about the rarity of this particular model. For those of you who haven’t figured out that the funny looking text are links yet, let me summarise.. In November 2007, Porsche announced a commemorative RS60 Spyder edition of the Boxster to celebrate Porsche’s 1960 win in the 12 Hours of Sebring in Florida. Only 1960 units in this series were produced worldwide, with this being number 1736. And that’s pretty rare for a mass produced car. Obviously not so rare for a Lotus Special Edition.

And then on to, what must arguably be, our favourite Porsche job of the month. Not because of the job, but because of the car. Just loved it. Oh, and did you see the 4.0 Singer? Reminded us of this.

On to the Lotuseseseses. First up an S1 with a new rad. As always, first thing we say when the clam has to come off anyway is do you want a new rad. Elise Parts do an excellent range in radiators that are pretty much guaranteed to keep your engine running cooler. Which is very important, as you know, for the K-series. HGF any one?

Next up, an S2. Nothing remarkable about this job, other than to point out that we have a Boxster courtesy car now. You many have previously enjoyed our S2000 or even the Clio we had, but now we have a lovely piece of that much mentioned German engineering for you to enjoy.

And now to bring you back down to earth a little. ’twas a sad day when this car showed up on our door step. Despite inhuman feats of driving talent it was not to be for the driver of this striped S2. Was it diesel? Was it shorts? Was it a tree? Actually we’re not at liberty to say, but it was sad nonetheless. Until we fixed it. Now she’s all better. See, that wasn’t so hard.

We do love a before and after. Expecially those diet ones, where the models are clearly different, there’s been airbrushing galore and you know, in your heart of hearts, that a diet based on red meat and chocolate couldn’t possibly result in those, eh, results, but you’re willing to give it a good old British try anyway. Not in this case though. The model is the same, there’s no airbrushing and the product, well, the product speaks for itself. Thanks Nitron.

Oh, and just as a reminder, if you’re local to us (Petersfield), and you own a Porsche, you might find one of these on your windshield one day. Don’t be alarmed. They are harmless. But, if we do say so ourselves, rather spiffy.

That’s all for this month. Stay tuned as we look forward to 36 inches of snow, apparently.

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