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Work, Work, Work, Surprise! - Analogue Automotive Analogue Automotive

Work, Work, Work, Surprise!

Well, obviously I’d love to start off by saying how busy it’s been; but we did that last week, and, well, it’s always busy. So, instead, lets look at what we actually got up to.

On Monday we teased you will a little competition. Not that you could win anything. And maybe that explains why no one took part. Or maybe you’re all super intelligent and saw it for the cynical rhetorical sales gimmick that it was. Or maybe it was just because it was Monday.


Or it could be because we gave away the answer in the post itself. Note to self. Did we mention our Lotus servicing page?


Tuesday saw us invent a new word – Targatastic. We think it’s a hit.. nearly 3000 people have seen the post so far, and close to 30 people have liked it. We’ll wait to see it appear in memes, the Oxford dictionary and on reddit next. As they say, you saw it here first, folks.

Anyway, point of the post was that we’re spending a lot of time in the company of some lovely motors, in particular Targa’d Porsches. And we’re really, really, not complaining!



On Wednesday we did something of a public service bulletin, wrapped up in a shiny, oh-look-it’s-mechanical, post. Of course it’s only a public service bulletin if you a. own a Lotus Elise and b. take it on track. (If you’re doing the latter, or thinking about doing the latter, can we highly recommend Lotus-on-Track – the name pretty much says it all!).

Point of the post was that the older Elise models you suffer, surprisingly, from alternator failure due to track type driving – high loads, high revs, etc. EliseParts – one of our preferred suppliers – does a great replacement unit.



On Thursday we shared something close to our hearts, something personal. And most of you didn’t even bother commenting. It was a little hurtful, if truth be told. So here it is again:

C’mon people, ignore the dodgy German TV Cop show wannabe bit and revel in the fact that there’s a Porsche 917 being chased by a BMW M1! How awesome is that! Email us at info@analogueautomotive.co.uk and tell us. Subject line – German TV Cop Shows Are Awesome. That’ll freak Liss out.


And that brings us to Friday. And our little surprise teaser. For those of you who have guessed what’s coming to stay do get in touch to book your test drives now. For those who haven’t – here’s a hint.

One thing we are serious about though, is that we still don’t know what colour she’ll be!

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