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Ok, so this week has been Zenos-tastic! Yes, that is now also a word. After coining the phrase Targa-tastic recently on Facebook, it’s now time we claim Zenos-tastic for our own too.

Yes, on Monday the lovely folks over at Zenos Cars dropped off an E10 S, commonly known as ‘Red’, for us to, eh, play with. Well technically it was for us to use as a demonstrator, show people what it’s like, take them out, and all that. We prefer the term ‘play with’. Because, quite frankly, that’s what you do with a Zenos.

Let’s be honest – it’s not a car for doing the school run in. Or the shopping. Or the Gumball. (Although that would be cool – hint, hint.) Not that you can’t do any of these things, it’s just not what it was designed for. It was designed for pure, unadulterated, no holds barred, fun. Ok, so maybe you could do the Gumball in one?

The thing that amazes us most about the E10 S is the smiles. Whenever we take people out they come back with the most ridiculous grins. The kind of grins we haven’t seen on people since the original Lotus Elise was launched.. sure theirs been new versions, and they’ve all been great, but none of them have truly captured the simplicity and pleasure of driving, like the S1 did. Until the Zenos came along.

It’s not practical. It’s not meant to be practical. Yes, people lament the lack of a roof. Who cares. The number of times we got caught out in the rain in our S1, roof off, and didn’t bother to stop. It’s raining? Just drive faster! Like the S1 the E10 S comes with a complicated tent like structure that serves as a shower cap, in case of need. And that’s all you need. Retractable hard top? Pah. Man up!

And we’re not alone in loving it. Plenty of car mags have praised it to high heaven. Autocar. Top Gear. Autocar again! Auto Express. Motoring Research. Ok never heard of them either, but still.. Pistonheads. And Evo.

They’ve even got Zenosessesses(sp?) overseas..

And rumour has it, and it has to be rumour – because there was no one around on a Sunday to actually provide any numbers, that the current allocation of cars is pretty much already spoken for. Which means if you haven’t already ordered one then you’re going to be waiting a bit. Because these babies are pretty much put together by blokes. Yes, it really is a proper British sports car.

Don’t forget to keep up to date with us on Facebook and Twitter. And check out Zenos too, on their website and on Facebook/Twitter, too.